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White Bass right NOW

May 30, 2016

– These impressive scrappers are targetable almost year-long, but the pre-spawn tributary run is easily the most consistent timeframe to experience an excellent day of White Bass action. Check out the video that we did showcasing this exciting angling option on Manitoba waterways that is underway right now!



They usually travel in large schools, so you can expect to catch them or have bites quickly in an area, or else you will need to move in search of the congregation. The inflows on both the East and West shore of Lake Winnipeg’s south basin have considerable influxes of White Bass during late May and early June when the water rises above 55F (13C) into the 60F (16C) range. Many of the Great Lakes, Devils Lake North Dakota, and waterbodies speckled down throughout the midwest United States have populations to pursue. Pine Falls, Manitoba is the location depicted in this video, which is the final stretch of the Winnipeg River before it enters Lake Winnipeg, and it has one of the most deservingly well-known spring runs of this fantastic species. During cold front days or the leading or tailing end of this opportunity, you should focus on deeper water seams on large rivers, and deeper pools on smaller creeks. During the peak of opportunity and activity, these fish will be rampant in shallow riffles and along shorelines, and can often be located by visible surface busting, as schools of White Bass raid minnow clouds in knee-deep water.


White Bass Manitoba Distribution


Like many Bass species, the “Whitey” is keen to take artificial baits, like the Jackall 3.8″ Glossy Shad used in these videos, as well as 2-3″ grubs or plastic minnows, small crank baits, jerk baits, bladebaits, and jig spinners. Streamer flies presented on floating or sink tip line, depending on the scenario, can offer incredible success. Bright baitfish colours for both lures and flies seem to produce best in most areas for two reasons – minnows make up a large percentage of their diet, and spring tributaries often have reduced visibility from current flows, so loud colours pierce the darkness well.




A 7-foot medium light power rod with 10-pound Power Pro braid will effectively present all of these lure options, from both the shore and boat, while a 6-7 weight fly rod would be ideal for this application, but you could make due with anything from a 5 to a 9 weight.


white bass on the fly

White Bass on the fly, photo courtesy: Ryan Suffron


For more information about White Bass and angling opportunities:


And we filmed an Uncut Angling White Bass hunt last season where we picked up a stranger from the shoreline to join us, and ended up having a great time with the avid female angler named Denita.



Also included below is Episode 6 of our 39hrs series, where Manny and I spend some time fishing Red River tributaries to steal the White Bass point from Team Shimano.


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