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People, Products, and Businesses that make our life better in some form in our filming and fishing pursuits. We wouldn’t be using them if they weren’t elite in their field!
Haat Rods logoOur buddy Eric Haataja is a big fish authority, and he launched a custom ice rod series this winter that we are pumped to be playing with, check them out HERE…and you can also book him for an epic ice fishing trip by clicking HERE.
If it is possible, Darcy Cox cares too much about musky fishing. Based in Kenora, Ontario on Lake of the Woods, he is available for multi species, but heavily specializes on hunting musky all season. Darcy gives us ongoing direction with musky technique and location….both general location and very, very specific location….

Taro LogoTaro runs Fish City Tours out of the cement confines of downtown Toronto, but he can be found on every imaginable waterbody within 4 hours of the big city on a given day….giving his clients a full dose of his wild mannerisms and impressive trophy fish in every imaginable flavor. Taro’s travels are well worth following on his busy social media pages and booking a day in the boat with him would be a shock to your system on so many good levels.

Cast Adventures LogoOwned & operated by Paul Castellano. Paul is based in majestic Niagara Falls, Ontario. His focus is on trout and multi-species on the Upper and Lower Niagara River, as well as Lake Erie’s world-class HUGE smallmouth bass.  Whether you are drawn to the area by the Falls themself – or by the big fish pictures that past clients have leaked all over the Internet – it will be Paul’s expert guidance and charismatic personality that draw you back over and over again.

Moak Lodge is located just 4 hours directly North of Winnipeg, Manitoba on massive Cedar Lake, and offers a relatively near and easy springboard into excellent trophy fishing for many species in all seasons. It has been a preferred fishing location of Uncut Angling since before there was Uncut Angling.

Aaron bought his first Strikemaster when he was 15 years old and has been cutting excessive numbers of circles in forzen Northern waterbodies ever since with these tools. A highly recommended part of your icefishing arsenal.
Kenanow Lodge on Kississing Lake is a frequent year-round destination of Uncut Angling for filming and fun-fishing trips. Chris and Cheryl Matheson offer a variety of accomodation options and an ideal striking point on amazing Kississing and surrounding lakes.
Jay Siemens has had many instrumental roles with Uncut; rooted by doing the bulk of the camerawork for many years. He now runs a full service media company, catering to a wide variety of commercial and specialty clients.
This cool, innovative product is the creation of a father-son fishing duo from northern Minnesota and combines the benefits of a tipup with the ease of use of your favorite ice fishing rod. There have been other similar brainwaves over the years, but this one fine-tunes the shortcomings of other designs and incorporates extra features. Worth a look-see!!!