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Uncut Angling’s roots are deep here. We have fished all over the world and most of our favourite destinations are still at home in Manitoba. This is legendary water for trophy Walleye and Northern Pike, but is also a multi species dream, with amazing options year-round for Trout, Bass, Catfish, Perch, Crappie, and more. It’s an honour to partner with Manitoba tourism to bring these fishing opportunities into the spotlight.

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We are currently rocking an Alumacraft Competitor 205 tiller. The layout on this boat is incredibly fishable with a “walk all the way around” design on the front/back casting decks and side lockers.The boat has tonnes of storage including the ultra sweet center rod locker with inidividual tubes for up to four 9 ft. musky rods or bass flipping sticks. Aaron is well into his second decade as an Alumacraft owner – he has had his boat in the Fraser, the St Lawrence, the Great Lakes, and everywhere in between – this boat brand has earned its place as our boat of choice through every angling task imaginable.

The gold standard in fishing reel manufacture since…forever? Up and down the industry this name is continually used as the reference point for quality and performance. Shimano pushes these core values into every corner of their product and partner line-up. We have been using Stradic spinning, Curado baitcasting, and Calcutta round reels as our choice equipment for almost a hundred years (almost). Beyond reels, they make excellent rods, gear, and several innovative niche lure systems.

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There are many variables in fishing that you can not control, but excellent outerwear is the biggest factor you can swing in your favour for a successful day on the hard or soft water. FXR makes uncompromising apparel for extreme outdoor activities. They are a figurehead brand in the realm of professional snowmobilers and dirt biking, where error margins are unforgiving – not unlike an average fishing day when it snows, rains, and blows from every direction – being uncomfortable is not an option. Beyond the necessary comforts of warmth and dryness, their Excursion suits are built with F.A.S.T. (Floatation Assist) that gives you the peace of mind of having a life jacket built into your gear at all times.

Yamaha Black

Revs Your Heart: only captures the adrenalin-inducing, performance side of the brand that is also synonymous with unparalleled longterm dependability. The Yamaha name has earned a status of greatness in the world of  both sportfishing and recreational boating. We are thrilled  and confident to partner with Yamaha Outboards in every avenue of our outdoor pursuits. From 2.5hp to 350hp, there is a motor that exceeds your needs in their lineup. We are currently using an F25 and an F115 to power our fishing rigs with smooth, dependable Yamaha thrust in everything – from adventures on extremely remote shield lakes – to tournaments on mainstream waters.

There is benefit to specializing on individual species, techniques, and applications. Conversely, there is overall gains from having a dabbling and understanding across multiple fields. For example: musky superpower Mike Lazarus. Mike is your favorite musky fisherman’s favorite musky fisherman. He is revered in every musky circle known. The time and aptitude he has exerted chasing muskys is unparalleled. Looking deeper into his extreme musky specialization, tells a different story, however. Mike is a chronic Atlantic Salmon fisherman, and spends considerable time in such pursuits, as well as just about every fish that swims. It is my belief, that this genre-spanning knowledge and ability has increased his musky game immensely, and vice versa to the compliments back to the multi species affairs. G Loomis is the equivalent. The best in class – in every class. They concentrate so intimately on individual designs, while diversifying across every platform of fishing rods made. The superior design benefits from this approach are for anyone who has used a Loomis to undeniably praise. By the way, Lazarus’s far and away rod pick? Whether he is trolling for Musky or dissecting an Atlantic Salmon river? G Loomis.

What’s my line again? The cliche marketing references to the utmost importance of what is connecting you to the fish couldn’t be truer – and you would think we are feeding the fish a line, with all the different brands and styles available. Yes, we use different line for different applications, but the advantages of braided line for general use have been shown ten-fold. We use monofilament or fluorocarbon on every outfit, but only 2-3 feet of it for the leader, and nearly every spool in the arsenal is max’d out with Power Pro braided fishing line. This is not a new development needing to be proven any more, the pudding is now DECADES old. And the Power Pro name has been championing this technology for nearly two decades! What’s your line???

Underwater cameras deliver a visual confirmation on specific fish species and structure types that no other tool or expertise can offer. Aqua Vu has been the industry pacemaker since the inception and adaptation of this technology – and continues to make cameras easier to use and more feature-packed.

Aaron has been dealing with Luke’s for years for parts and the rare service need. They have been incredibly instrumental in getting us on the water and keeping us on the water. Luke’s specializes in marine and atv sales at their headquarters just 20 minutes west of Winnipeg, Manitoba and have a far reaching reputation for catering to the needs of their customers with the highest level of service delivered by like-minded outdoorsmen.

The Jackall line of baits have “changed the game” in lure design with rampant success in Japan, Australia, and more recently, an official North American debut. The company’s commitment to innovation will greet you at one glance of any product in their full selection of modern weaponry gripping the tackle scene. We still dabble in every lure brand, but are we pumped to unleash these? Umm yuuuuup!!!!!!